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REALTOR® Referral Program

We Offer a $200.00 Referral Fee to any Licensed Realtor®

You Keep Your Clients
When you send us a referral you increase your chances of getting a future sale out of them. We are often the first to know of their intent to sell their investment property & will refer them back to you.

Reduce Your Liability
Improperly following tenant-law on leasing, fee handling, maintenance issues, turnover, etc. can open you up to legal liability & even having your real estate license placed in jeopardy. Leave leasing to the experts.

We’ll Make You Look Good
We believe in professionalism. We have a proven track record of pleasing our clients and you can feel safe that we will do our best to make us both look good.

We’ll Pay You!
We will pay you a one-time fee of $200.00 per property. This fee will be paid to the referring agent’s brokerage once the home is rented and under a current management agreement.

To get started, please register your client by submitting the Client Registration Form. We recommend that the referring agent prepare the owner for a phone call from our office so our initial introduction will go smooth.


Owner Referral Program

We Offer a $200.00 Referral Fee to any Licensed Realtor®

We’re giving you $100 off of management fees for each property of each owner that signs with us through your referral.

Refer an owner that signs 3 properties with us, receive $300! There is no amount to our cash limit so you can refer as many owners as you want.

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